Monday, 25 October 2010

Learning dutch!

Hey everybody!

that post won't be really hard to write because I've just started to learn some dutch. As most of you know, in Belgium there are three official languages: flemish/dutch (Flanders), french (Wallonia) and german (Lüttich). I'm doing my erasmus in Leuven (Flanders) so the university gives to the new students the oportunity to learn dutch for free. At first it doesn't seem really useful, but I think it's being interesting and funny, although I have to study too. I don't know if I'll come back to live here again or maybe in the Netherlands, but I think it's really important to learn the language of your host country. Now I can say hello, goodbye, thank you, you're welcome... and I should know how to introduce myself and my family.

The funniest thing of learning dutch is that in the lessons you meet people from different countries and all of us have to learn the new language from the english (and that's neither my native language), so it's a bit more difficult but I really enjoy. If you don't have a lot of courses to follow and you want to learn something new, it's a good choice! It really doesn't matter if I'll use it again, I'll see :) but now it's being useful!

Maybe in future posts I'll write something interesting in dutch, now I just can write basic expressions. For the time being, here you have a funny song from the first lesson!

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