Monday, 12 July 2010



my name is Liss and I am from Barcelona (Spain). I'm studying a degree in Journalism and I will be studying in Leuven during the first semestre of the next course.

Since I was a teenager I was thinking about travelling and studying abroad. When I was 16 I did an exchange with the Mater Dei School in Brussels and I stayed one week with a flemish family from Tervuren, a little village near to the big city. I lived there the best experience of my life and it'll be a pleasure to come back. Now I'm planning my Erasmus and it's a bit difficult to follow all the steps but I'm really excited about the experience.

I'll try to explain my experience through practical information on this blog and I want to do it in english to improve my writing skills, so I'm sorry for the mistakes! Luckily, my Erasmus will be a good way to speak and write better, because they'll teach me in english. I'll attend to subjects related to international relations, european policy, european art and literature... It sounds great, doesn't it?

Thank you so much to read me :) see you on the next post!

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