Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Before leaving...

There's so much to do before flying to Belgium!

The bureaucracy it's a bit stressful but I'm sure it'll success little by little. It has been difficult to do the "Learning Agreement" with my home university and the Katholieke University of Leuven. Finally I've just chosen four subjects and I hope I'll be able to follow them, it must be difficult to attend english lessons but it will let me improve and that sounds great!

Well, my erasmus tutor from Barcelona let me choose some subjects which are not related to journalism at all. I'll attend to lessons about International Relations, European Policy, Human Righsts Law and (my best election) European Art and Literature. In the KU of Leuven do not exist an specific degree in journalism or media studies, so I'll be studying in the Social Science Faculty with other students from this area. However, when I start the lessons in Leuven I'll be able to make changes, depending on the timetable or the language of teaching.

It's not easy to advise about the learning agreement because every university has different procedures but usually erasmus students cannot attend to technical or practical lessons (most offered subjects are theorical or historical). In the UAB we use an application from Sigma company which allows erasmus students to do the learning agreement easier but sometimes it is a bit confusing. You have to calculate the equivalence between the spanish credits and the ECTS for each subject and print different copies in the spanish and english version.

I've just bought my flight to Belgium too. It's a bit expensive to travel through most famous airlines so I decided to fly with Vueling. It's good because I can travel from Barcelona (El Prat) to Brussels (Zaventem), which was considered the best european airport in 2005. The other Brussels airport is Charleroi, which is situated in the south of the city and it's propierty of the Walloon government. When I arrive to Leuven I'll write here my opinion about the flight, I hope it will be ok because it's only the second time I travel by plane!

Well, the last part (and so important) is to arrange the guesthousing. The website of the KU gives information about youth hostels and this kind of acommodation but I prefer a hotel because I'll be there during a week with my parents and they want to stay on holiday. The Housing Service plans to find my acommodation in a maximum of one week so I've booked the Mercure Leuven Centre and it seems a good hotel with comfortable threefold rooms. Some websites like Trip Advisor helped me to decide.

I hope to write soon.
See you!


  1. Of course I'll be your #1 follower!!!! :)

  2. Ya sabes que te deseo lo mejor en el Erasmus :) Y qué bien que hayas abierto el blog, es una muy buena idea para dar consejos sobretodo a los que tienen idea de ir como tú ^.^

    Seguimos en contacto sea como sea, no te preocupes (L) xD