Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stadpark afternoon

Rainy day in Leuven... but life doesn't stop, even if it rains. It can be a sad grey city. But it's wonderful anytime.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the Stadpark of Leuven. It's such a nice place. My friend Laura and me went there to stay calm sitting on a bench, talking and talking... and she said me something that surprised me but I also liked it. She said that the erasmus is like a fairytale. Both of us really loved fairytales when we were young and now we're enjoying a new one but a bit different. Fairytales always have a prince who has got a kingdom. We had also a kingdom when we were at home. We grew up there and it was really confortable. But if the prince wants to achieve his dreams he has to fight for them. And that's what we're doing now. As he usually does, we will have to fight against dragons and mysteries... our fears and all the problems that we have to solve.

This fairytale won't be easy. But we cannot give up it. It's our dream and we're convinced about that. So if we try to fight, maybe we will be able to found another kingdom. Each one has to do that. And I hope mine will be the best kingdom possible.

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