Monday, 23 August 2010

around Leuven

It's difficult to write what Leuven means... which Leuven is in front of my eyes... Leuven is not a city of great contrasts, I think that the contrast of Barcelona stole my heart years ago... but Leuven is different. It's incredibly beautiful, it has a special light which changes each hour... the blue sky is a bit different, not so cloudy now but plenty of different colours during the sunrise and the sunset. What I like most is sitting somewhere and watch people going and coming back in the street... Leuven is calm and movement, it hides lots of charming places and it's so nice to discover it by bike, trying to get something new. When it's sunny people leave their home and fill the streets... families, students, old people sitting and discussing about everything...

I like Leuven any day. It can be rainy and windy but it's funny to come back home fast by bike. It can be sunny and I love spending hours in Ladeuzeplein (in front of the central library) watching people, reading... it's a nice place where you can feel alone in the crowded city. In the Grote Markt you can feel as a tourist taking photos from the Old City Hall and St.Peter Cathedral, and eat a belgian waffle while you're dreaming about centuries ago... and within easy walking distance... we can find the Oude Markt and it's the best place to discover the Belgian Beer and nice ice-creams!

One of my best streets in Leuven is the Muntstraat which is situated behind the Old City Hall and you can find lots of different restaurants. It's lovely to go for a walk during the afternoon there, when most people are sitting outside and having dinner, so you can see the meals they've chosen and decide what you want! Pizza, pasta, mexican, belgian cuisine... and after dinner it's a good choice to have a coctail in the Professor (Naamstraat street). If you want to eat Japanese, Portuguese... you can go to Paarijsstraat, so close to the Oude Markt. It smells really good!

I'm not an expert about the city but I like going for a walk and try to discover nice places. I hope I'll improve my Leuven skills :)

Grote Markt
Belgian Waffle
University Library - Ladeuzeplein

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